GR & Full​-​Blown Expansion

by GR (Aka GRegory Raimo)



Released 2008 on Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin (LP)
Reissued 2009 on World In Sound (CD)

Band Members : GR (aka Gregory Raimo) / All instruments

Lead guitar & expansive guitar, horizontal bass, regular & extensionist drums, loco-drums & asymmetric drumming, wah-vocals & story, background organ & keyboard, shouts & effects, 4 track tape recorder.

Tracklisting :

(Side A)
I. Descent Along The An-Ti-Fohn-Nul
II. Transfiguration On A Sepiachord
III. The Metal Spike

(Side B)
IV. The Intercessor Speaks
V. The Scene (Slowly's Getting Louder)
VI. All Stoned Day Long They Take You
VIII. Blind Black Or Pearly White

Total Time : 43mn
Recorded In 2008

Liner notes:
One man All-made record-excavator into the deep limbo of egoXploitation—Features 43 min. of decadent loco self-conduct & mystifying woodoo’lectric playing, directly dropped down from the sole complexion of individual force as a plural human’s sonic concoction, the alone-lineup that never existed but in the incarnation of one : Full-Blown Expansion.
Get into Gunslingers‘ founding member alchemy — supreme wild stuff of weird, abstract & deviationist multi-instrumental solo performs, improvised & composed and elevated separately on each instrument & track by GR (mostly in one take).
Along with the whole instrumental lineup, analog 4 track tape recording & other insinuation not to be mentioned ____the record comes up in a strictly limited edition of 300 white coloured vinyls LPs.
Careful with that « Descent along the an-ti-fohn-nul » ‘s 13 min. of extensionist drumming and seminal acid stoned guitars & wah-vocals driving that leads to the great infernal Boogie accident— Vs the regular alternation (in rhythm & guitar color tone) of the fuzzy oniric « Transfiguration on a sepiachord »— Vs the wizardesque inspiration of « The metal spike », GR’s one very archetypal & representative of the instant composition process & the superposition of orchestral muses.
And careful again with that explosive insane unmethodic « The intercessor speaks », some ultra-shouting wave’s traumatic 7 min. towards the abyssal fluxus of koZmic Rock—Vs « The scene/slowly’s getting louder »’s ritual rotative-leslie & expansive wah noise guitars coming with special voice box—Vs « all stoned day long they take you » ‘s impossible alinear & asymmetric instrumental superposition (includ. Transcendantal background organ) backing up immaculate spoken poetry—Vs the enigmatic analog keys & clair-obscure of « Blind Black or pearly white ».—Bliss !


Alternate CD LINER NOTES BY BILLY MILLER from Cold Sun/The Aliens:

I walked with Gregory Raimo in the alley-ways of circumstance.
From the gate it seemed strangely dream-like.
On this trail of shadows he never walks alone.

He understands my dissatisfaction with the omnipresence of a temporal barrier, the desire to break through time, to break the laws. In the dark hours of my lonely vigil he restoreth my soul like Duran in "Things To Come".

His voice spreads from the cities, starting with Metropolis. The oldest and the wisest fled to the Hills.

In another world, another time he is an alchemist, a sorcerer. In our world he is an antique radio repairman who walks in the shadows. This is the way.

This is the way you can get anything. This is the real stuff. In this dark realm, it spins around us in shards of light and geometry in swirls that cling only to tiny uneven streams of time.

— Yes, Gregory, I know you want out of here, maybe not as much as I do, but we are still here and waiting for them. Maybe you will alert them before I do. —

This is symetrical, strong. This guy doesn`t make any big bets on having the time for EVERYTHING, so it’s only the primo coolest stuff, the most real as any deal ever gets. This is just how it sounds. You already bought the CD. I did not pitch anything before the fact, but I can tell you that it is what it seems.
Every cliche about a renaissance man would/could apply. So, what else is new ? What ever brought you to THIS has done a competent and sure job of getting you to the right place. I hope you will accept how lucky you are. Winning can`t be all that bad.

GR agrees with me that the path to the past lies in the future. Welcome to the REAL Space Age. Roger Corman got it right too, you know. If I could get Ray Milland to dance the Frug at your wedding you know I would, but it`s not ready yet. However, I do think that this music gives an accurate reading of sounds from the mind of one with X-Ray eyes.

So, my bold friend flees in a sudden bolt from the sadness deep within the eyes of Vincent Price and forges ahead into the brave future that we asked for and schemed to create. It is here and so live with it and forge ever ahead.

Energy is probably what this is about. Probably if you are reading this you already sought this out for the drive that this can propell and where to and what. — YES

The crocodile guardians of the outer mind sway quietly to all this in the zombie realm. G.R. will lead the way when following finds a slow day.

Follow this when you are alive in this time.

Thanks for the metal housed ghosts, the haunted armor.

This is a genuine work of vintage machinations. This man lives to breathe life into the analogue gear but looks ever further back - backed by symmetrical knowing of digital state of the arts, but ever careful that the actual sounds, ghost sparked as they are, emanate only from the now ancient equipment.

Gregory, maybe you never walk alone in the end. I`ll be there. If someone could send a message back through time it might be these sounds that point the destination.

- Billy Boy Miller (Cold Sun, The Aliens) _2009, California



Imagine a slow, but nervously tense rhythmic krautrock ritual, but one that seems like somehow the likes of Bo Diddley, Link Wray, or Hasil Adkins would feel at home sitting in on... you're in Full-Blown Expansion territory.
Early last year, when gonzo French psychpunkrockers Gunslingers were over here on tour, they stayed at Allan's house, and their guitarist Gregory Raimo gifted Allan with a copy of one of his solo releases, an LP attributed to GR & Full-Blown Expansion, which has now been reissued on compact disc. A darn good thing 'cause we'd have wanted to list the LP but it was limited to just 300 colored vinyl copies and we never managed to get any for the store. Now that it's on cd version we've got a chance to justly rave about this wigged out, trance inducing music! While we already were familiar with some music made by the other 2/3rds of the Gunslingers trio, who y'know also play in the much more black metallic and equally awesome bands Aluk Todolo & Diamatregon, we didn't know as much about Gregory Raimo.
Judging by the motorpsycho acid rock six string action GR unleashes in Gunslingers, whom we tagged as trafficking in "utter aggro over the top distortodelic geetar excess" and compared to The Heads and Mainliner, we expected, well, a total amped-up electric geetar full-blown blow-out on his solo set. And yeah, you DO get some of that here all right, particularly later in the album on tracks like "The Scene (Slowly's Getting Louder)" which sure as heck does get loud and fuzzy, like Kinski or your fave Tokyo Flashback psych. But even more crucial to this album may be the roiling, percolating rhythms, evident right away in opening 12+ minute track/trip "Descent Along The An-Ti-Fohn-Nul" which had us convinced this was rad right off the bat, along with its spacey vibe, slashing bursts of guitar distortion, and greasy, drawling bathed-in-effects vocals...
GR's percussion is described thusly, in cryptic but no doubt accurate fashion: "regular & extensionist drums, loco-drums & asymmetric drumming". Crude and entropic it might be, but very effective in propelling these tracks into the a very krauty zone. Some parts are mantrically mesmeric, others more "free" and chaotic, but hypnotic, definitely repetitive and raw.
This record really sounds like a bunch of freaks jamming intently, late at night. Enough so that it's almost weird that it's actually a one man jam, GR playing ALL the instruments, guitar, drums, organ, bass, vocals, effects... layering 'em together via 4-track overdubbing. It's 43 minutes long, but how many man-hours went into it? We're reminded of a looser, garagier and greasier A.R. & Machines, maybe, this krautrockiness somehow bringing in freakbeat rockabilly leanings, so Guru Guru for sure, also considering GR's song titles like "All Stoned Day Long They Take You"!
Each track is different, same weird krauty vibe but different, from the twangy surf licks reverberating over groovy bass lines heard in "Tranfiguration On A Sepiachord", to the druggy jazzy moody improv skitter-skatter scribble-scrabble of "The Metal Spike", to "The Intercessor Speaks" which sounds like a more chaotic Circle or dubbed out Doktor Kettu, to the electrically zapped This Heaty droning finale of "Blind Black Or Pearly White" wherein the electronics really take over... Assuming he recorded this at home, what the heck do his neighbors think? Utter madman in the next-door apt.?! Thanks GR!! We want to hear more from Gunslingers, of course, but are also looking forward to more Full-Blown Expansion, too!!
Get this while you can, we hear the digipack is kinda limited too, it comes with the same graphics as the original LP and has liner notes by Billy Miller from the legendary Texas psychsters Cold Sun!
(Aquarius Records-2010)


released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


GR (Aka GRegory Raimo) France

I walked with Gregory Raimo in the alley-ways of circumstance.
From the gate it seemed strangely dream- like.
On this trail of shadows he never walks alone.

The crocodile guardians of the outer mind sway quietly to all this in the zombie realm. G.R. will lead the way when following finds a slow day.

Follow this when you are alive in this time.

_Billy Miller (Cold Sun/The Aliens)
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