GR & Michael Yonkers : The High Speed Recording Complex

by GR & Michael Yonkers



Michael Yonkers & GR – The High Speed Recording Complex
(Usa/Fr-2007-reissue 2010)
Burka For Everybody (LP B.F.E 3-Spain)

Michael Yonkers :
6 String Solid Body Electric Guitar & Wall Of Noise, Vocals, 4TTR

GR (aka Gregory Raimo) :
Drums & Drumming Feedback, Percussions, Guitar, Vocals, 4TTR

Tracklisting :

(Side A)
I. Why Didn’t
II. The News
III. Blindforce Of The Pulse Dynamo
IV. Since I

(Side B)
V. Big Distance
VI. Distortion, Blow My Mind
VIII. The Sleepwalker (An Electric Sermon For M. R. Y)

Total Time : 35mn
Recorded In 2007

B.F.E Liner notes (2010):

Kling-Klang- Klang!!! Abrupt patronage blues that invades your senses, you won't find Michael Yonkers in museums, despite the fact he was a psychodelic pioner and there weren't many. His “Micromiature Love” from 1968 is invertebrated noise, blues for the unemployed crowd which was the first uneducated noise of Discharge before Discharge.
Yonkers isn't a smart arse, he doesn't look down on others, this split record with the French GR is the drone which Charlie Patton would have liked to ride, mutant shit that Yonkers and GR burn phisically. It's urban blues which describes the outer limits with a cosmic urge in a hyperrealist way. Dudes!! Yonkers reveals himself in a god of thunder from Minneapolis in order to establish connection with the Mayas who built in Benidorm Eons times ago. On the whole, this guy definitely talked to ghosts and spirits. Elvis Voon Doom


Original Liner notes (from Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin's first issue, cdr-2007) :

It would not be useless, nor uninstructive, to inform the audience ears about how these recordings were captured, as long as we believe that their proper way of execution may not correspond with the common form of recording investigation, nor with the common involvement being supposed to be properly called ’a band’.
It's a fact the record you’re holding in your hands is a total creation through the distance, one unique tangible point of concord on the Music map— such as one production’s possible secretory beyond space geography & geometry.
This Experiment is conceived by a two-men abstract convoy and, as we should say, by two purists of the 4-track tape recorders method & technique : 4 TTR possibilities for distortion power as well as for capturing the tracks in high speed recording. Moreover, both experimentalists respectively own the same machine through & from which the sounds are injected and ejected. Then each other send the parts captured on their respective 4TTR channels, from France to USA, from USA to France...
5 tracks are the result of this distant collaboration process (why didn’t, big distance, the news, since i, no more said) : GR playing drums & drumming feedback from France, and Michael Yonkers adding guitar wall of noise & vocals from Minneapolis (usa). Each newly global recorded stuff __which is yet one pluri-dispatch product between both musicians' distant channels__ is re-injected as a combination into the 4TTR etc.
We call this The High Speed Recording Complex.

**The other 4 tracks which feature on this record were entirely made by GR playing all instruments (Blindforce of the pulse dynamo / distortion, blow my mind / the sleepwalker / lineaments into a halo).


Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin liner notes***About The High Speed Recording Complex or : on a recording of a new type


released May 1, 2010



all rights reserved


GR (Aka GRegory Raimo) France

I walked with Gregory Raimo in the alley-ways of circumstance.
From the gate it seemed strangely dream- like.
On this trail of shadows he never walks alone.

The crocodile guardians of the outer mind sway quietly to all this in the zombie realm. G.R. will lead the way when following finds a slow day.

Follow this when you are alive in this time.

_Billy Miller (Cold Sun/The Aliens)
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