Xperiments From Within The Tentacular

by GR (Aka GRegory Raimo)



Released 2007 ** Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin

Band Members : GR (All Instruments)
Guitar, Drums, Synthesizer & Effects, Electric Piano, Vocals, 4 TTR

Tracklisting :

(Side A)
I. 4 Tracks To Hell
II. I Automatic
III. The Vessel Bound With Bards
IV. Berlin Corpse Is The Sister-Damage
V. A Rainbow Damnation

(Side B)
VI. Schweiss Schweiss Schweiss
VII. Déviation N°1
VIII. The Phantom Suite
IX. Bullets For People

Total Time : 38mn
Recorded In 2006-2007
All tracks By GR

As the needle first hits the vinyl you would be forgiven for thinking you had been sold the soundtrack to an obscure sci-fi film as metallic sequencers, alien synths and driving percussion flood from the speakers. You can almost see the men wrapped in bacofoil, trying to take over the world as a barrel of psychedelic effects render the film almost impossible to watch. The one thing you will remember is the soundtrack, the electronic feel now overtaken, by crazy guitar playing, exploding across the universe, as a weird cacophony of sound melts your brain into soft goo. After this fantastical opening, the music takes another sharp turn with the warped Electro-Pop madness of “Berlin Corpse Is The Sister Damage”, the sinister electronic pulses causing you nerve-endings to dance across your skin. Finally for side one, the aliens attack again, a resolute march, the tension wound up tight, as creature climb through the air vents and the lights flicker…..

After a brief alien lullaby, side two picks up where it left off with “Deviation No. 1), a powerful tsunami of noise, beautifully constructed, raw and untamed. This is an album that benefits from high-volume as it invades you home destroying all in its path. Featuring vast amounts of guitar, overdriven wah usage, and some dextrous fingers to put it all together, it is a relentless attack, maybe in this movie the aliens really do succeed in wiping the puny humans from the earth. Just as it all become too much, the haunting grace of “The Phantom Suite” offers quiet reflection amongst its grooves, Perhaps salvation is at hand after all, the aliens weakspot has been discovered. Finally the long guitar overload of “Bullets for People” unites the rebel forces for the final battle, the instrument singing a hymn for freedom, as the people take control of their destiny.

Strange, ragged and glorious, this slab of vinyl should be snapped up by everyone, the spirit of the individual burns brightly throughout its sonic grooves.
_(Simon Lewis/Terrascope) 2008


released June 1, 2007



all rights reserved


GR (Aka GRegory Raimo) France

I walked with Gregory Raimo in the alley-ways of circumstance.
From the gate it seemed strangely dream- like.
On this trail of shadows he never walks alone.

The crocodile guardians of the outer mind sway quietly to all this in the zombie realm. G.R. will lead the way when following finds a slow day.

Follow this when you are alive in this time.

_Billy Miller (Cold Sun/The Aliens)
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